During an import Career Fair Plus will attempt to automatically detect filters by looking for commas as delimiters. The system will first look through the data for any "commas with no trailing space". If we detect a "comma with no a trailing space" for that company, we will use a "comma with no trailing space" as the separator to detect filters. If we do not, we will use a "comma with a trailing space" as the separator when detecting filter options. If you have filter options that include commas, it is best to separate each one with a "comma with no trailing space."

Each time the systems finds a unique filter option, the system adds it to the list of options. Filters options are unique from each other if they vary in any way, this could be capitalization, spellings, plurality, punctuation or spacing. We recommend that filter options come from a set list from which your employers select as part of their registration process. If your employers are allowed to type their options, we will inevitably find typos which our system will detect as unique filters.

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