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Employer Logos Explained
Employer Logos Explained

This article will explain how the Career Fair Plus logo system works and what users can do manually.

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Career Fair Plus attempts to find logos based upon a company's website url which allows us to search social media and other spaces. The first time our system sees a company, we find a logo about 70% of the time. For instances where it isn't able to, we use a placeholder image. If you are able to provide a logo where we don't find one, we will remember that logo going forward. As time progresses, we expect that we will have logos for nearly all of your employers as we import them.

If you find a bad logo vs a missing logo, please contact support so that we can tell the system to use your good logo.

Manually Adding Logos
If you come across missing logos, you can add logos directly by searching for and clicking on an employer. At the top of the dialog that pops up, click on "Specify Logo" and then click "add logo" and then drag and drop the logo you would like to use onto the box below. 

Please see this link for a short video demonstration: 

You can also paste a link to their logo in the Logo URL field if have access to a logo on their website (you can get the url by right clicking on their logo and selecting "Copy Image Link").

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