Recruiter Use

Q: How many employers can participate in Skip The Line?
A: Unlimited. The fair organizer can invite as many employers to participate as they like.

Q: How many schedules can an employer have?
A: Unlimited. The fair organizer can create as many schedules per employer as they like.

Q: Can an employer also have a walk-up or standby line?
A: Yes! In fact, we encourage employers to have at least one recruiter dedicated to walk-up candidates.

Q: How many reps does an employer need to bring?
A: At least two. We recommend 1 representative per schedule plus 1-2 reps to service the walk-up candidates.

Q: Will employers need to bring their own devices?
A: Yes. We recommend an iPad or Android Tablet so that employers can review students resumes easily, however STL will work on iOS or Android phones as well.  A desktop view will be coming later this Fall.

Q: Can employers see their reservations ahead of time?
A: Yes. Employers can use the employer app to login and see the reservations for all their schedules.

Q: Can employers un-invite a student?
A: No. 

Student Use

Q: When are students allowed to reserve spots?
A: It's configurable. The fair organizer can configure when the scheduling window opens and closes.

Q: Is there a limit to how many reservations a student can make?
A: No. Students can make as many reservations as they want.  However students cannot make back to back reservations (there must be a gap between reservations).

Q: Can we restrict reservations to a certain type of students?
A: No. Each schedule does have a prerequisites section though where you can put this information and it will be highlighted when students go to make a reservation.

Q: How long are the spots that students reserve?
A: Its configurable. The fair organizer can configure the duration of the spots. Based on our testing, we recommend 10 minutes because it allows enough time to speak with a student and have a minute to record your ratings and notes.  We have seen durations as low as 6 minutes work.

Q: Is there a waitlist feature?
A: Not at this time, but it's on our radar. Let us know if this becomes an issue.


Q: Who creates and manages the schedules?
A: You do. This is done via MyCFP.  Eventually, our goal is for employers to be able to do this themselves, reducing the workload on you.

Q: Should we have signage at the booth for Skip The Line?
A: Yes. During our trials, we tried STL without signage.  Students were given directions to proceed to the front of the table and ask for a representative.  While this worked fine, when signage was used, it definitely improved the experience.  We will be providing signs you can print to both hang and put on easels as well as badges/name tags for employers who are participating in STL.

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