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Q: How much does Skip The Line cost?
A: Skip The Line is absolutely free for employers! There is no fee to participate as long as the career fair you are attending uses our app. 

Q: How long are the spots that students reserve?
A: Its configurable. The fair organizer can configure the duration of the spots. Based on our testing, we recommend 10 minutes because it allows enough time to speak with a student and have a minute to record your ratings and notes.

Q: How do I see the students that have reserved spots with me?
A: Using the Career Fair Plus App. Your full schedule is in the app with student profiles and resumes. We also built a handy timer to keep you on schedule! We recommend using an iPad or similarly sized Android tablet at the event. 

Q: Will Skip The Line work on my phone or tablet?
A: Yes! We recommend a tablet though for recruiter users. Students will provide their resumes as part of their profile and it can be very hard to review a resume on a phone sized device. For that reason, we recommend that you bring an iPad or Android tablet to the fair.

Q: Do you provide iPads/Tablets?
A: Skip The Line is a bring your own device experience! If you need some help getting devices, please let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

Q: Do students HAVE to use Skip The Line to see us?
A: No.  Students will still be able to walk up and see you at the fair.  We recommend bringing at least one recruiter dedicated to walk-up candidates who haven't made a reservation.

Q: How many recruiters do we need to use Skip The Line?
A: We recommend having one recruiter per "schedule".  You can have multiple schedules.  We also recommend bringing at least one recruiter to serve walk-up students.

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