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This article describes how to use the booth assignment tool in myCFP.

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We designed the booth assignment tool to save fair organizers time and reduce errors in booth assignments. You create the image of the map and then use our tool to make sure each employer has an assignment. 

Quick Tips

  1. Click the "Assign Booths" button on the map tab of myCFP to access this tool.

  2. Auto Assign | Assign booths to employers that need special attention, then click the Auto Assign button to finish assigning the rest. You can be done with your booth assignments in 10 minutes!

  3. Multi-Assign | You can assign an employer to multiple booths by clicking the booth number next to their name in the list. If assigning an employer to multiple booths, the booths must be adjacent to each other.

How to use Placement Mode

When you click an employer's name in the list on the left, the system will enter placement mode. You can now click on a booth on the right to assign that booth to the currently selected employer. The system will automatically advance to the next employer in the list and you can assign their booth by clicking on the desired booth on the map.

Assign Directly on the Map

If you are not in placement mode, you can click any booth on the map that has a yellow "Hotspot" to assign an employer to that booth.

Filter Employers

Use the search bar to filter employers by anything in their profile. For example, if industry is part of their profile in Career Fair Plus, you can search for an industry such as "Agriculture" and any employers with that industry will show in the list. That will allow you to group employers by various categories and assign them to designated areas on the map.

Export Booth Assignments

Need a spreadsheet with your newly assigned booths? Just click the "Export Booth Assignments" button in the bottom left of the screen to get a csv file.

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