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Twitter Setup

This article describes how to set up Twitter for your fair in Career Fair Plus

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Career Fair Plus allows fair organizers to integrate a twitter feed into the announcements section of any fair. Each fair can have a unique feed.
Fair organizers can input either a hashtag (#somehashtag) or a handle (@somehandle) or both under the Twitter section of the the Fair Information page. This allows for 3 scenarios for the Twitter feed:

  1. Hashtag Only (#): All tweets that have a particular hashtag will show up in the Twitter feed.

  2. Handle Only (@): All tweets from that handle will show up in the Twitter feed

  3. Hashtag and Handle (# and @): Only tweets from that handle that have that hashtag will show up in the Twitter feed.

Follow these steps to set up your Twitter feed.

  1. Click the Edit Fair Info button for the fair you would like to configure (see button below).

  2. Scroll to the Twitter Integration Section and check Enable Twitter (see screen capture below).

  3. Click Save

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