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This article covers some best practices for recruiting videos that employers post in career fair plus.

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1. How long should my video be?

Quick Answer 30-60 Seconds
Why? Lots of research suggests that Generation Z has a pretty short attention span. That may or may not be true, but remember that many of today's popular tools like Instagram keep video pretty short. If you can't get them to watch a 30-60 second video, they definitely won't watch a 5 minute video. Engage first and then follow up with more detail.

2. What should I say in my video?

Quick Answer: What is it like to work at your company?
Posting a video in Career Fair Plus will help job seekers identify with you as an employer. The questions we most often hear from job seekers are:

  1. What are the people like that I will be working with?

  2. What will my day look like at this company?

  3. Does this company have a diverse employee base?

  4. How satisfied are employees at this company?

3. What type of content should I have?

Quick Answer: Make it genuine. Show your real employees giving authentic perspective.
Showing real employees talking about their experience working at your company goes a long away for authenticity. Be sure to show off your diversity and answer the questions above. A video that is text based is ok, but will not deliver the same engagement as humans talking about their experiences.

4. What Requirements does Career Fair Plus Have for Video?

  1. We need a source file for your video. We cannot accept a link to a video hosted on other sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

  2. The file can be just about any video file type.

  3. We recommend that you provide a high resolution video such as 1080p. Most modern videos are already at this resolution. We will worry about streaming it to mobile devices.

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