TL;DR: Get your organizations Smart Link on your marketing materials page and use it everywhere.

Gone are the days of 3 different links for Career Fair Plus's 3 platforms (iOS, Android, and Web).
With the introduction of Smart Link, fair organizers can use this one link to rule them all when promoting Career Fair Plus to Students. 

This link is smart enough to detect the user's platform and automatically take them to the right spot to get Career Fair Plus. In more detail:

Where do I use it?

Everywhere! We recommend that use use smart link on all your communication channels including

  • Web

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • Print

  • In Person (presentations)

  • Anything else

BONUS: Create a QR Code!

Since Apple integrated a QR Code reader in the default iOS camera, QR's have had a renaissance. If you want to get in on the game, you can create QR codes for free through several sites on the internet.
QR Code Creator is one that is super simple to use. Just get your Smart Link from your marketing materials page and paste into QR Code Creator.

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