The purpose of this article to help fair organizers use the Booth Selection Tool to allow their employers/exhibitors select their own booths.


3 things must be true before a fair organizer can enable Booth Selection.

  1. At least one map must exist in the fair

  2. At least one booth must be registered on a map in the fair

  3. At least one employer must have a "Booth Selection Login Email Address" associated with their profile.

Map Setup

The map setup for Booth Selection is the same process as for any other map in Career Fair Plus. Send your map to our support address as a pdf. We will register the booths on the map and let you know when you can begin assigning booths or open booth selection.

Adding Booth Selection Login Email Addresses to employers

There are 2 ways to add Booth Selection Login Email Address to employers. The email address associate with the employer will be that employer's key when open the Booth Selection Tool to ensure they are accessing the correct employer record.

  1. Manually input an email address in the company details modal in myCFP. 

  2. Include a column on email addresses with your employer import that you send to our support email address and let us know those email addresses should be used for the Booth Selection Login Email Address field.

Enabling Booth Selection

Once setup is complete, you can enable booth selection from the Booth Assignment Tool.
First, navigate to the fair details page for your event and open the "Maps" tab.
Second, Click on the "Assign Booths" button.

Once, the Booth Assignment Tool loads, you can click on the menu in the top right and enable Booth Selection.

Inviting Employers Select Booths

After enabling Booth Selection, you can invite employers by sending them the link that you retrieve using the Copy Link For Employers button as illustrated in the previous graphic.
For instructions on how employer select a booth, see this article
Booth Selection Instructions for Employers

That's it! Please let us know if you have any questions!

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