Welcome Employers/Exhibitors!
If you are reading this article, your event host has likely invited you to select your own booth using the Career Fair Plus Booth Selection Tool. The tool is very easy to use following the instructions below.

1. Open the link that the event host has provided to you.
2. Enter your email address when prompted as shown below and click Continue.

3. You will see your employer name selected on the right hand side as shown below.

4. Click on any open (yellow) booth on the map.

5. That's it! Once the booth turns blue with your name, you have selected your booth!

Other Questions

Can I change my selection?
Yes, simply click on any other open (yellow) booth.

Can I see where other employers are located?
Yes, you will see any other assigned booths are grey with the employer name showing.

Can I remove my booth selection?
At this time, you will need to contact the event host or Career Fair Plus Support to remove a booth selection entirely.

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