General Information

Fair Organizer FAQs (link)

Employer/Recruiter Guide (link)
Employer FAQs (link)

Student Guide (link)

Pre-Fair Launch: Getting Started

Timeline Checklist: Deciding Important Event Dates (link)

Setting up Virtual Fair Options (link)

Setting the Scheduling Window (link)

Setting Candidate Profile Field Options (link)

Restricting Access to the Fair via Email (link)

Uploading a list of Majors to your fair (link)

Employer Registration Event Description (link)

Virtual Fair Best Practices (link)

Drop-in Rooms (link)

Floor Plan Replacement (link)

Email to Recruiters prior to Fair Launch (email template)

Post-Fair Launch: Recruiter Onboarding

Invite Recruiters to our Platform (link)

Hosting Recruiter Webinars (link)

What to do if recruiters didn't receive our invitation email (link)

Resending the invitation to recruiters (link)

Setting Prerequisites on Schedules (link)

Back-to-back Meetings for a Speed-Networking event (link)

Post-Fair Launch: Employer Communications

Guide to Employer Web Portal (link)

Recruiters Experiencing Network Access Issues (link)

Accessing CF+ in China (link)

Post-Fair Launch: Student Emails

Event Description for Student registration (link)

Instructions for students (link)

Post-fair Launch: Student Marketing

Flyer (link)

Poster (link)
Web Banner (link)

Business Card (link)

PowerPoint Slide (link)
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram (link)

SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn (link)

SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter (link)

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook (link)

During Scheduling Window

Creating and Copying Schedules (link)

Fair Organizer Guide to Managing Schedules (link)

Health Checks on your Fair (link)

Assigned Recruiters that haven't created accounts (email template)

Setting up a Student Helpdesk (link)

'Day before Fair' email for employers (email template)

'Day of Fair' email for employers (email template)

Informing recruiters of the open scheduling window (email)


Follow-up actions after your fair (link)

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