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Can I use a web browser to access Career Fair Plus?

Yes. Once you have received an invite link to the platform, you can view and manage your schedule, view profiles of candidates that have booked meetings with you, as well as conduct video meetings all through your browser. If you wish to make private notes about candidates directly onto their profiles, you can do so from the schedule details page. Once you click on a candidate, you will be able to leave notes and mark a rating for them.

I didn't receive an email invitation from Career Fair Plus, what do I do?

Please start by checking your spam or junk folder. If you have still not received it, please ensure that *.careerfairplus.com is an allowed domain for you to receive emails from, and then contact your fair organizer for a new link.

Please note, these are single-use links, and must be opened in Chrome or Firefox.

Please reach out to your fair organizer to invite you to create an account on our platform. Please note, these are single-use links, and must be opened in Chrome or Firefox.

What data will be available to me after the fair? How long will it be available?

You will have access to the profiles of any candidates that booked on schedules associated with your company only. This will be available as long as the fair is active in our platform, which is up to the fair organizer.

Will I be able to see the candidates' resumes before the fair?

You will be able to see the resumes and profiles of any candidates that have booked meetings on schedules associated with your company. You will not be able to see any details of candidates that have not scheduled a time to speak with your company.

Can I leave ratings on candidates as I meet with them?

You can rate candidates from your schedule details page. Once on the page, you can click on a candidate to see more details. Once on the Candidate Details page, you can leave a rating, mark them as a next step, and/or leave notes. Any edits made to this section are private and not available to candidates, only for you and your team's internal review.

My schedule is utilizing Career Fair Plus's inbuilt video meeting rooms. Is there an audio-only option so I don't have to use my camera?

You may choose to turn your camera off in our video meeting rooms and communicate via audio only. You may also request your fair organizer to change the interaction type of your schedule if you prefer to reach out to candidates via phone calls, or a different platform.

How do I contact the candidates that have booked meetings with me?

You will have access to candidate details, including email addresses and phone numbers from your Schedule dashboard.

I would like to share my schedule with my colleague(s). What is the best way to do this?

Although our typical set up means each recruiter should have their own schedule, and normally conducts 1:1 meetings with candidates, we do have workarounds depending on the situation. Please see this article for a detailed answer.

What do I do if I experience technical difficulties just as I am meant to connect with a candidate?

To begin with, always pre-test the platform in advance of the virtual fair; give your camera and microphone the relevant access permissions, and even test the user experience by sending the room link to a colleague or friend. However, even if you have pre-tested, we recommend having a contingency plan just for worst-case scenarios. This can be anything that works for you, but keep it simple: it might just mean a phone call to the candidate to connect.

What should I do if I have technical difficulties during the fair?

For any technical questions, please reach out to us at support@careerfairplus.com

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