There are a couple of important dates you will need to decide on for your upcoming virtual fair. These include:

  • Fair Launch Date (Schedule Creation Begins)
  • Scheduling Window Open Date (Candidates can book meetings)
  • Scheduling Window Close Date (Candidates can no longer book meetings)

Let's use an "Example Fair" to help us better understand this timeline.

The Example Fair is taking place on September 22nd, it starts at 12pm and ends at 4pm.

Scheduling Window Close Date

One of the first key decisions you will have to make is whether you would like students/candidates to be able to book meetings during the event. If so, set the schedule close date and time to align with the end of the event. (Since our Example Fair on 9/22 ends at 4pm, we would set this to close at 4pm). Here's a video showing you how to set this.

If you prefer to have all the meetings booked prior to the event, then you can leave the Close Date as is. By default, it closes 1 hour prior to the event, so in this case, 11am.

Allowing students/candidates to book meetings during the event has some advantages and disadvantages. One benefit is that students/candidates who haven't booked in advance of the fair can still come in and meet with recruiters that have open spots during the event.

The downside is that recruiters may not have a predictable schedule for the event. They will have to continuously monitor their schedule during the fair to ensure they don't miss any new bookings. This requires very clear communication to recruiters, and we have some pre-written copy which you are free to use!

Scheduling Window Open Date

This is the date that students/candidates can start booking meetings in the system. We recommend setting this date 1-2 weeks prior to the event to give you enough time to market the event to students/candidates. For our Example Fair on 9/22, we would select this to be 9/8 at 12 pm.

NOTE: Ideally, employer schedules have been created and recruiters have joined the platform by this point, see below.

Fair Launch Date (Schedule Creation Begins)

This date would align with when you wish to start marketing the fair to students. It’s also the date when the employer representative is invited to our platform. They can begin creating schedules and inviting colleagues/teammates at this time. We would recommend setting the launch date several days prior to when you wish to publicize the fair so you have time to review the fair. In this example, we would choose 8/10.

Example Fair Timeline

The dates below depict our recommended timeline for an Example Fair on 9/22 at 12pm-4pm.

Date of Fair - 9/22 (12pm - 4pm)

Schedule Window Close - 9/22 (11am or 4pm for this fair)

Schedule Window Open - 9/8 at 12pm

Fair Launch and Schedule Creation Begins - 8/10

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