Follow up with no-shows

In a virtual format, invariably there may be some missed connections. These may be due to technical difficulties but could also be due to other reasons. It is worthwhile following up with these candidates to check in and see if any actions need to be taken.

From your Fair Dashboard, click on Appointments, then click on Manage Appointments & Schedules, and select the Candidates tab.

Use the Filter List to filter for No Shows. You can then select Email Candidates to copy all their email addresses and reach out to them.

Depending on the reason for the missed connection, you may want to consider reconnecting them with the employer.

Collect feedback

You may have post-fair surveys for candidates and employers that help you gauge thoughts and experiences about the event. We will typically reach out to schedule a follow-up call, to debrief and hear feedback you have collected from participants, as well as discussing your own experiences using the platform. While the experience is fresh, make a note of how you felt about the event, and using our platform. We want to hear the good and the bad; our goal is to continue to improve what we offer, so be sure to include what went well, what didn't go so well, any analytical highlights as well as lessons learned from the event. We're also keen to hear about additional features you would like to see that could help improve the process, so don't be shy on those wishlists!

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