Post-Fair Actions

This article guides Event Hosts through possible post-event actions

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Review your event using CF+ Analytics

The CF+ event dashboard delivers high-value analytics to measure general and specific performance factors. You can use this data to assess ROI, guide follow-up, and drive program planning.

  1. Login to MyCFP

  2. Find the recruiting event you want to review

  3. Click the purple “Active Users” button

You’ll land on the “Analytics” tab of the event dashboard but the “Meetings” and “Reports” tabs offer useful fair data as well.

Analytics Tab

You have multiple data points at your fingertips – for both Students/Candidates and Recruiters! Switching from one to the other is easy, simply click the drop-down list next to “Viewing Analytics For: _____”.

Company Details by Day vs. Meetings Booked by Day

Let’s walk through one of the nine charts under “Students/Candidates Analytics” data fields, Company Details by Day.

Scroll down the “Analytics” page to the second row of charts and Company Details by Day appears on the left of your screen. This graph shows which days candidates viewed company details at your event, which can inform future marketing campaigns.

If views increased after a big marketing push, that’s probably a good strategy going forward. Or, if there was consistently more activity closer to event day, perhaps promoting sooner will encourage more candidates to browse the event sooner.

If you have questions as you explore the “Analytics” page, has answers.

Let's switch to the "Meetings" tab to compare this statistic with the Meetings Booked by Day.

Meetings Tab

Meetings Booked by Day

Scroll down the “Meetings” tab to the first chart, Meetings Booked by Day. This will only start tracking data once the booking window opens. If you left your booking window open during the event, you can count the exact number of meetings scheduled because of that decision.

Total Meetings

The number of total Meetings, 906 in this example, confirms the total number of candidate-recruiter connections during your event.

Meetings Booked by Employer

Further down on this page, you can see a full breakdown of Meetings Booked By Employer. Here, you can compare numbers of Meetings booked across different employers.

Percentage Filled

This number, 74% in the image above, indicates the percent of Meetings booked given the number of available time slots on recruiters schedules. Seeing a high number is exciting, but don't worry - a low rate can actually be deceiving.

This fill rate doesn’t necessarily correlate with the total number of Meetings.

For example, let’s say an employer creates 10 schedules, each schedule has 20 Meeting time slots, and 50 candidates book Meetings. Well, meeting 50 different candidates is great for that employer, even though 50 as a percentage of 200 timeslots is only a 25% fill rate.

So, we recommend looking at the Total Meetings and Meetings Booked by Employer before deciding thumbs up or down on your overall fill rate.

Reports Tab

Candidate Details

Many event hosts ask if they can export all the candidate information at the end of the fair. The answer is yes!

You can download a full list of candidates names, contact information, profile, and links to their resumes (if provided) from your dashboard

  1. Click the “Reports” tab

  2. From the “Fair Reporting” list, select "Candidates"

  3. Click the "Fetch My Report" button to download a list of candidates as an Excel spreadsheet

No Shows

When unexpected delays, a change of heart, scheduling surprises, or anything else prevent a candidate from attending scheduled meetings, you might want to follow-up individually. You can see the total number of No Shows in the row of numbers at the top of the “Meetings” tab but you’ll need to navigate to the “Reports” tab to print a list of who missed their meetings.

Follow the same steps used to print the "Candidates" report then filter the spreadsheet by the “1-on-1 Meeting No Shows” column to separate these candidates and their contact information.

You can view exactly which meetings each candidate missed with a few more clicks:

  1. Click the “Meetings” tab

  2. Click "Manage Meetings & Schedules" on the right of your screen. Note, smaller screens condense this button so look for the gear icon instead of words.

  3. Click the "Candidates" tab and enter the name or email address of the No Show candidate whose missed meetings you want to see

  4. Click the candidate name in the search results to view their booked meetings

  5. Check the “Status” column to see where recruiters marked them a no show

Collect Feedback

CF+ simplifies gathering post-event feedback with two options: copying emails from the Recruiters Report, the Candidates Report (see above) or embedding a survey link in the CF+ app for candidates.

And speaking of feedback, we’re always hungry for yours and your participants’ thoughts about the CF+ platform. Contact to schedule a review call, email anonymous survey comments, or tell us about your favorite (or not so favorite) experiences using our software. Here’s a helpful list of guiding questions:

  • What parts of planning and hosting your event did you love?

  • What went well?

  • What didn't go as expected?

  • What will you do differently next time?

  • Analytical highlights

  • General lessons learned

And most important: what additional features you'd like to have with CF+. Most of our product improvements and innovations are customer-driven so don't be shy with that wish list!

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