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10 Ideas for App Marketing Best Practices
10 Ideas for App Marketing Best Practices

Best practices for promoting the app to your students and attendees.

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We have learned over the past several years from our customers some of the best ways to reach students and drive adoption. Most of these ideas are about awareness. We have seen that once students are aware of the app, they will download it and use the heck out of it. Give some or all of them a try and you won't be disappointed. The general idea is to USE EVERY AVAILABLE CHANNEL!

1. Use SMART LINK Everywhere (Especially on Your Websites)

You can get the Smart Link for your organization by visiting your MyCFP Home Page or at the top of any event. Check out this article about the Smart Link if you are interested in learning more.

Start with a google search for your career fair and click on the first page that matches your search. Do you see a graphic for Career Fair Plus? No? Neither will students. This is the most common way that students find information about the career fair. Make sure that your app promotion is front and center.

If you are using Handshake, take advantage of the banner space for the career fair to also promote Career Fair Plus.

2. Advertise on Facebook or Twitter

We recommend posting early and often. We even have a snappy video that you can post on social media sites.  Please advertise the web view of the employer list here... we find this boosts adoption quite a bit.  Reach out to us if you would like a custom single link that works for iOS, Android and the Web and we'll create one for you.

3. Email campaigns work well

A recent study suggests that Gen Z prefer to be emailed for information about career services on campus. We also know that students get lots of email. That's why we recommend emailing at least 3 times about the app to students. Send your first email 3 weeks, then another at 2 weeks and a final email 3 days before the fair.

4. Hand out business cards during office hours

You can make business cards using our Canva templates found in the marketing materials hub. They are a great way to give students something physical that doesn't take up a ton of room.  Ideally any time a student comes into the career center in the week leading up to the fair, an advisor is talking to them about the app and having them download it on their device.

5. Use the presentation to advertise the app in workshops

Presenting to a group of students about the career fair? You can use the slideshow templates in the marketing materials and have them download the app right then and there. They will tell their friends about it when they leave and word will spread quickly.

6. Use a tablet to do live demos of the app in workshops

While you're doing the presentation and having them download the app, whip out your handy dandy tablet and show them what the app does!

7. Include the flyer as the first page in any printed programs

If you are still printing, promote the app there too. Our handout is formatted to slot right into other printed material. You can find a customizable version in our marketing materials.

8. Get Them In Line

If students are queueing up to enter the fair, have a student volunteer go up and down the line demoing the app to them on a device. You can also print a poster using the template in the marketing materials and have it at the entrance to the career fair as additional advertising.

9. Pop-up Marketing Campaigns

Some schools have had great success with running pop-up marketing campaigns. In the week leading up to the fair, advertise on social media that you will be at a certain location on campus between certain times, and if students come by and show you they have the app installed, they get a free donut or gift card.

Try anything you think students will notice. i.e Flyers on pizza boxes, display on campus TVs, station w/ poster at fair entrance.

10. Other great ideas?  Let us know!

We're always in search of creative ideas to advertise the app.  If you have something that works, please send us a note to

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