FAQs for Fair Organizers

Answers to our most commonly asked questions from fair organizers

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What is the maximum number of employers we can have at our virtual fair?

Career Fair Plus does not have a maximum number of employers that can participate in an event! The technology that supports Career Fair Plus scales to accommodate extremely large numbers of users and employers.

What is the maximum number of 'booths' per employer?

We do not have a maximum number of booths or schedules per employer. Our platform is able to support as many as are needed.

Can employers search for candidates in the platform, or invite them to book meetings?

Not currently, employers can only see the candidates that have booked a meeting with them.

Can candidates attend a fair without a log-in or without signing up?

Candidates can view some fair data without logging in, such as the participating employers, but must create a profile/login to book meetings with employers.

What is the best length of time for a virtual fair?

They commonly range between 4-5 hours, but it is possible to stretch up to 6 hours depending on the virtual 'size' of the fair.

How many admins can a hosting organization have?

We allow as many admins as an organization needs for our premium and enterprise plans.

What are the best/required browsers to utilize the platform?

Chrome and Firefox.

Does Career Fair Plus have a text chat room feature?

Career Fair Plus Video Meeting rooms have text chat capability. However, text chat is not the primary form of communication that we offer between candidates and employers. We believe that phone and video conferencing are far superior communication methods for recruiting as they allow both sides to understand emotion, intent, and a variety of other cues. Text chat often leads to misunderstanding. See our blog post on this topic and this link discussing text conversation.

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