While Career Fair Plus is extremely flexible with the types of data we can import, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you get the most benefit from our service.

Sample Export

You can find an example import file at this link.

There are a couple items we would like to point out in this file.

Employer ID

Employer ID should be a unique value for each employer. This allows to make an exact match from one import to another and preserve and Favorites and Notes that your users make in the app.


Providing a website for each employer allows us to search the internet and social media for a logo which can save you a lot of time. Our service finds about 60-70% of logos automatically which means you don't have to track them down and upload them yourself. You can always choose to use a placeholder for missing logos or not show logos in the employer list entirely.

Filterable Columns

If you would like your users to filter based on different categories like major, position or other information, please be sure the data is a comma separated list as shown below. Career Fair Plus will compile a list of unique values based on the filterable columns if they are in the correct format. It is also extremely important that the possible values are exactly the same through the column. For example "Intern" should not also show up as "Interns". Career Fair Plus will interpret those as different value options.

File Type

We can import xlsx, xls and csv files. We recommend using an xlsx or xls file if that is an option.

Column Consistency

Please keep column names the same between exports. If the column names change, the system will detect a missing column and a new column for each change. You can easily un-map the old column name and re-map it to the new name. However, if column names remain the same you will see time savings.

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