Career Fair Plus primarily facilitates interactions between candidates and employers through pre-booked individual Meetings.

Drop-in rooms are an additional feature that we can offer upon request.

What is a drop-in room?

A drop-in room allows candidates to speak to the employer representatives, without needing to book a meeting.

Depending on the number of candidates in the room at one time, this may be a group interaction.

You can decide if your fair utilizes locked drop-in rooms or unlocked drop-in rooms:

  • locked drop-in rooms require students to knock to enter, and there are two different links to be used by hosts and guests
  • unlocked drop-in rooms use a single link and anyone can enter

We can also add additional fields relating to the drop-in room upon your request.

Examples may include:

  • Drop-In Room Info - You can then include additional information about your employers' drop-in rooms if they'd like to
  • Drop-In Room Times - If your employers only want to run a drop-in room for a set time period, you can then populate this field with times for your employers. The room will still be open and visible for the duration of the fair, so if no times are provided, an employer representative should be present throughout

Here is a link to our demo drop-in room:

Feel free to test it out as an example!

Where can employers find their drop-in room link?

Please note, drop-in rooms are not tied to employer schedules, so recruiters can not see or access the drop-in room information from their schedule page.

For locked drop-in rooms, you would need to distribute the host links to your employers after we send them to you.

For unlocked drop-in rooms, employers can access them from their employer profile on the web portal.

How and when should fair organizers request drop-in rooms to be set up?

Our recommendation is to survey your employers once your employer list is finalized to find out who would need one. About a week before the fair, you can then send us an email letting us know which employers require drop-in room links and we can create them for you in one go.

Please do not request drop-in rooms for your employers without knowing if they need it, since they will need to make sure that an employer representative can be present in the room for the duration of the fair.

The risk of creating those rooms for all employers, or creating them too early, is that the employer either doesn't know about them or chooses not to use them, and students may unknowingly enter those rooms and be waiting without any recruiters showing up.

What will it look like on the platform?

We associate the drop-in room with a specific employer, and an employer can thus only have one drop-in room.

The drop-in room link would be included on the employer details page for candidates, alongside directions letting them know that it's a drop-in room, and how they can join. See image below:

Can one employer have schedules and a drop-in room?

Yes! An employer can have a drop-in room as well as schedules for individual recruiters. Any employer can only have one single drop-in room though, as the drop-in rooms are created at an employer level, while schedules are associated with individual recruiters.

Please keep in mind that the drop-in rooms are open for the duration of the fair, so employers need to be sure they will have someone available throughout if they choose this option.

Is it possible to track which students enter a drop-in room or collect data on attendees?

At this time, there is no way to track candidate data in drop-in rooms. Since these are open rooms that do not require scheduling meetings, candidate profile information is not collected.

How long is the drop-in room link available after the fair?

The drop-in room links expire at midnight on the day of the fair.

How many people can be in the drop-in room at one time?

The maximum number of participants in a drop-in room is 50 people, however, to accommodate smaller groups, rooms can be set up as locked rooms. In a locked room, candidates have to knock to enter the room, and the host can choose to allow them in, reject them, or put them on hold.

If a candidate tries to enter an unlocked drop-in room that is full they will be given the option to knock and also receive the following message:

To create drop-in rooms for any of your employers, please reach out to us at and let us know!

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