General Materials

Guide to the Employer Web Portal (link)

Instructions for virtual fairs (link)

Frequently Asked Questions (link)

Overview of using the app (video)

Drop-In Room Guide (link)


How to create my schedule (video)

How to create a schedule for a teammate (video)

How to invite a colleague without a schedule (video)

How to change my schedule's timings (video)

How to block off time slots (video)

How to download my schedule (video)

How to join meetings/see reservations (video)

How to set prerequisites (video)

How to share schedules (link)

How to change the assigned recruiter on a schedule (video)

How to edit my profile (video)


When you get an error accessing our page (link)

What to do when your network is blocking access (link)

How to access the system in China (link)

Weekly Webinars

If you have more questions, we run weekly webinars for recruiters.

Tuesday Morning (EST) Webinar: link

Thursday Afternoon (EST) Webinar: link

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