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Guidelines on hosting a successful webinar to prepare your recruiters

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In our article on Best Practices for Virtual Career Fairs, we recommend fair organizers host a Q&A Webinar for recruiters/employers.

In order for you to fully understand the recruiter experience, we can set you up with a dummy recruiter account (highly recommended) so you can see exactly what a recruiter would see on our system. Just send an email to

Below you'll find some additional tips on how to go about hosting this Recruiter Webinar.

We also have links to webinars that we run for recruiters at the bottom of this page.


This is hosted by the fair organizer, and should be open to all participating employers, whether they are listed as primary recruiters or not. It's not uncommon for companies to have someone managing all the schedules from an administrative perspective, who may not be listed as an attending primary recruiter. Therefore it's important to make sure they have access to the webinar too, as it may contain useful information to help them.


In this webinar, the fair organizer will be answering any questions the recruiters have about schedules, as well as passing on any important information about dates, such as the booking window. If there is one single piece of information you pass on during this webinar, it is for recruiters to test their video meeting room in advance of the fair. We cannot emphasize this enough!


We're living in a virtual age! Feel free to utilize whichever virtual platform you/your office are comfortable with. It would be helpful to select one that allows the session to be recorded, so that it can be accessed by anyone that couldn't attend or that would like a refresher. We personally use Zoom for our webinars.


Host this webinar a week or so after the fair launch date, but definitely prior to the booking window open date. This will give recruiters a few days from receiving the email invitation to join the platform, to create an account and begin creating schedules for themselves and/or their teammates. You want to give them time to familiarize themselves with the platform, including modifying and customizing their schedules. The webinar will be a timely opportunity for them to ask questions on this process, as well as serve as an opportunity for you to pass on important information in the lead up to the booking window.


In our experience, communication is key to hosting a successful virtual fair, with both candidates and recruiters. By clarifying the process and answering initial questions as they arise, fair organizers can greatly minimize the risk of confusion for recruiters as the fair date draws nearer. Informed recruiters are the backbone of a successful career fair!

I need some help!

If you don't think you can support a webinar, you're welcome to refer them to our webinars. Please see below for links:

There’s one that runs on Tuesday mornings (EST):

And another that runs on Thursday afternoons (EST):

You're welcome to join them too, but if you would like to view a prerecorded version, feel free to email us at and we can send you a link!

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions, and good luck!

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