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Fair Organizers Setting up Candidate Profile Fields
Fair Organizers Setting up Candidate Profile Fields

This article explains what candidate profile fields means and sets out some of your options

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Candidate Profile Fields refer to the fields that candidates will have to complete when creating an account in order to schedule meetings at your fair.

We have a library of fields, and Fair Organizers can configure which of these fields candidates fill out when they create a profile for the fair. For a description of what the various fields are please check out our quick explanations here.

For specific information about uploading a list of majors and/or certifications, please see this article.

Where and how can I set up the candidate profile fields?

From your Fair Dashboard, click on Meetings, then Manage Meetings & Schedules, then click the tab titled Candidate Profile Field Options.

You can click 'Show' to give candidates the option to fill out the field, and 'Required' to make the field required for each profile. If you make fields 'required' (as below), they can then be used to set prerequisites on schedules later on. See this article for more on setting prerequisites.

What are the recommended options for candidate profile fields?

Standard for US Schools

The default settings reflect our suggestions for most US schools, and you may not have to make any/many changes. These are set out below:

  1. Major

  2. Graduation Date

  3. GPA

  4. Degree Level

  5. School Year

  6. Position Type

  7. Work Authorization

Of course, it's entirely up to you to add or remove from this list as you deem fit.

We strongly recommend customizing the profile fields if you are hosting a fair as a UK university or if you are hosting a Job Fair (Experienced Candidates). Please see below for our recommendations.

UK University Fairs

If you're a UK university, see our suggested fields that account for the terminology differences across the pond!

  1. Deselect GPA

  2. Discipline (instead of Major)

  3. Year of Study (instead of School Year)

  4. Opportunity Type (instead of Position Type)

  5. Visa Requirements (instead of Work Authorization)

Of course, you may choose to utilize any other fields that you deem relevant and appropriate to your fair.

Job Fair for Experienced Candidates

If you're hosting a job/careers fair targeting experienced candidates, it may be the case that the specific study-related fields are less relevant for you. In that case, you may choose to uncheck fields such as Major, GPA, School Year, and Degree Level, and instead select:

  1. Skills

  2. Years of Experience

  3. Desired Job Titles

  4. Work Authorization / Visa Requirements

K-12 Education Fairs

Educational fairs or universities that are hosting a job/career fair that targets experienced candidates may want candidates to specify certain certifications. Below is a list of fields you may want to enable.

  1. Skills

  2. Desired Job Titles

  3. Years of Experience

  4. Opportunity Type

  5. Certifications

If you haven't already, check out this article for a checklist of other options to set up if your fair is utilizing Meetings: Meeting Specific Features.

If you still have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us:!

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