Fair Organizers have the ability to restrict access to the fair by inputting one or more candidate email domains.

How does this work?

Using the email validation field lets you restrict access to the fair to students of one particular school or university, or to students of multiple specific schools.

To configure this, navigate to Manage Meetings & Schedules from the Meetings page, and then select the Candidate Profile Field tab. If you scroll to the bottom, you will find the Candidate Email Validation option.

You simply need to enter a list of the domains you wish to allow, separated by commas.

When candidates create their account, they can use any email they prefer. This is the account that they use to log in and the email that the system will send any communications to, so ideally it is an email that they monitor regularly.

If you activate the email validation field, candidates will be prompted to enter another email in the "School Email" field. Candidates will have to update this field with an email address that meets the validation in order to book meetings at the fair.

When should I set this up?

We recommend this being one of the first things you configure when setting up your virtual fair. Although you have access to edit or update it at any time, it does not work retroactively. This means that it would not apply to candidates that had already created their profiles before you set this up. It would only apply to candidates creating their accounts moving forwards.

How can I allow access to alumni who may no longer have the school email?

Although there is no way to specifically allow access to alumni, since they might all have emails on various domains, what some schools have done is have a limited window where they haven't had the email domain validation in place, and that has allowed alumni to make bookings. Thereafter they add in the validation.

For any additional questions, please email us at support@careerfairplus.com!

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