Creating a schedule couldn't be easier!

If this is your first time creating a schedule, these instructions will walk you through the process, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

You can also use this article as a reference if you've created schedules before but need a quick refresher.

From your Fair Management dashboard, navigate to Meetings, and click Manage Meetings & Schedules. Then click New and fill in the schedule details! This video gives you a walk-through, but the steps are laid out below too.

Basic Information

On the first step, you will fill in some basic information:

  • The employer this schedule belongs to
  • The name of the schedule (bear in mind this is what candidates use to determine which schedule is right for them, but recruiters can edit this as necessary)
  • If you are running a multi-day fair, confirm the date of the schedule. Otherwise, the date defaults to the day of the fair
  • Select the interaction type for the schedule
  • Add a schedule description, but again, recruiters can edit this as necessary


Click Continue to go through to Prerequisites. If you opt to enable prerequisites, recruiters will be able to select from any of the candidate profile fields you have required. See this article on candidate profile fields for more information.

Time Slots

Click Continue to go through to Time Slots. This is automatically set to our defaults, so you can go ahead and click continue if you are happy with this. Remember that you or the recruiters associated with this employer can modify the availability on the schedule.

Add Recruiters

In Step 4, you will enter the email address(es) of additional recruiters, if appropriate.

If you are creating a new schedule for a new recruiter, you will add them here. If you are creating a schedule for a recruiter already associated with the employer, you need not enter anything, and you can click Continue.

Assign Recruiter

Step 5 is where you will assign the primary recruiter for the schedule. You will have the option to select any of the recruiters associated with the employer. When you create the schedule, the system will email the assigned recruiter letting them know that a schedule has been created for them, with an invitation to our platform.

Review and Publish

Finally, in Step 6, you can review the schedule information.

You then have two options:

You can either just click Save, to save the schedule but not publish it yet. Alternatively, you can click Save and Publish to make it visible under that employers.

Note that this does not necessarily mean that candidates can book meetings on the schedule, as this will depend on whether or not the scheduling window for the fair is open or not.

How do I copy a schedule?

From your Manage Meetings & Schedules page, click Copy and then select the schedule you would like to duplicate from the drop-down menu in the box that pops up (video).

The 'Copy Schedule' function is useful if you have set up specific prerequisites or time slots for an employer that you would like to duplicate on another schedule.

For questions about schedule management, check out this article with FAQs: Common Questions about Schedules

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