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Floor Plan Replacement

Other uses of the Floor Plan tab in the app

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The floor plan was initially intended for use at in-person physical fairs. When setting up for a virtual fair, fair organizers select 'No' under the question 'Are you going to use a floor plan?' however this doesn't preclude you from utilizing that space for something else instead.

For virtual fairs, although an actual floor plan itself is somewhat obsolete, we have seen it used in various scenarios fitting for virtual fairs.

Given that it is in a prominent position in the app, and immediately visible to users of the app, many of our customers have taken advantage of this and have used it to share other information. Choosing whether or not to utilize this space, and what to use it for is entirely up to you.

The only requirement is that it be a single page PDF.

Some examples of uses include a Welcome Letter or Tips for a Virtual Fair.

Per your request, as well as replacing the floor plan with a PDF that you provide, we can also retitle the tab as you choose.

Below are some links to examples of what other customers have used it for.

California State University, Fullerton: Welcome Letter

Penn State University actually included different pieces of content here over the course of their fair timeline:

To make use of the Floor Plan tab in the app, please email us at with your PDF, as well as any title you'd like us to update the tab with.


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