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Fair Organizers: Setting up Prerequisites on Schedules
Fair Organizers: Setting up Prerequisites on Schedules

This article explains what prerequisites are, when to use them and how to set them up

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Prerequisites can be added onto both 1-on-1 schedules and Group Meetings to "pre-screen" potential candidates and only allow candidates with the desired prerequisites to book a meeting.

Employers can set up prerequisites when creating schedules. They can also edit prerequisites on an existing schedule (video).

As the Fair Organizer, you control which prerequisites employers can choose from. When you set up the Candidate Profile Fields, any fields that you make 'required' will be added to the potential prerequisites that employers can screen from.

See this article for more information on Candidate Profile Fields.

Our general recommendation to Fair Organizers and employers is not to set prerequisites on schedules, for two reasons.

Firstly, it can have a larger than expected (negative) impact on appointment numbers.

Secondly, we think it's important to maintain the open environment of an in-person fair, where anyone can approach the 'booth' and speak to recruiters.

However, if an employer has a hard requirement, the prerequisites feature can enable them to screen candidates.

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