Our platform runs on Google Services, which means it may not work seamlessly in places where access to Google is restricted, such as China.

If you are based in China, you should be able to access the list of organizations and fairs on our site, but you may face some issues when attempting to log in.

We recommend using an authorized VPN which will allow full access to our platform.

If you are a recruiter/employer on a corporate network, your access may be blocked even when using a VPN, depending on the settings of your network.

In this case, we recommend switching to a personal device.

Alternative Workarounds

A Fair Organizer can send the video room link and export the schedule complete with candidate information to the China-based recruiters before the fair, to allow them to participate without having access to our servers.

For any China-based candidates/students, the Fair Organizer could build the affected candidate's schedule into calendar invites with the corresponding recruiter room links. Alternatively, they could simply send them a single email with all their meeting details (including the video link, employer name, and date and time of meeting).

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