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How to access CF+ in China

This article hopes to provide guidance on accessing our platform from China

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Our platform runs on Google Services, which means it may not work seamlessly in places where access to Google is restricted, such as China.

If you are based in China, you should be able to access the list of organizations and fairs on our site, but you may face some issues when attempting to log in.

We recommend using an authorized VPN which will allow full access to our platform.

Access for Recruiters/Employers

If you are a recruiter/employer on a corporate network, your access may be blocked even when using a VPN, depending on the settings of your network.

In this case, we recommend switching to a personal device.

If you are based in China and cannot access our servers, you can still participate in the fair. Your Fair Organizer or Fair Host can send your video room link and export your schedule complete with candidate information.

Access for Candidates/Students

For any China-based candidates/students, you should be able to access the platform with the use of an authorized VPN (for the web), or use the mobile app to browse the fair and book meetings on your mobile phone.

If you still experience issues, the Fair Organizer may be able to email you with a report of your meetings (including date and time, employer name, and video link). Alternatively, they could build your schedule into calendar invites with the corresponding video room links.

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