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Resending the invitation link to employers
Resending the invitation link to employers

A quick answer on how to resend employers and recruiters their invitation to join CF+

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Resending Invitation Links

Invitation links are single-use and expire after 14 days. So whether the employer didn't create their profile in time, or the email is buried in their inbox, you’ll need to resend their invitation link to join CF+.

When the employer says they never received the email and it is not in their spam/junk folders, their network might be blocking emails from Career Fair Plus. In this case, you can copy the invitation link and send it directly to the recruiter from your email address.

Follow the instructions below, the directions work for either option, resending from the CF+ system or emailing a copy of the link yourself:

  1. Login to MyCFP

  2. Find the appropriate event from the Upcoming Fairs list and click the Companies button

  3. Click the Meetings tab

  4. Click on ⚙️ Manage Meetings and Schedules on the far right of the screen

  5. Select the Recruiters tab

  6. Enter the recruiter's email in the search bar

  7. The “Status” column at the far right shows “Invited” or “Joined”. Recruiters who have not joined the CF+ platform are listed as “No Name” in the first column.

  8. Use the “Company Name” or “Email” columns to click on the correct “No Name” link to open the page for that recruiter's details

  9. Use either the "Copy Invite Link" or the "Resend Invitation Link" button in the top right corner depending on the action you'd like to take

  10. If you are resending the invitation - you're all set!

  11. If you selected “Copy Invite Link” the link is copied to your clipboard ready to paste into the email you are sending the recruiter.

Need to send an invitation to a new recruiter?

Inviting a recruiter for the first time is very similar to resending a link to someone previously invited:

  1. Repeat steps 1-5 above

  2. Click on the blue Invite Recruiter button to the right

  3. Select the employer associated with the recruiter from the drop-down list

  4. Add the recruiter’s email

  5. Click 'OK' to send invitation

  6. Check this task off your to do list, it’s finished!

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