Do you need to resend the single-use invitation link to an employer?

Since the invitation link is single-use, maybe the employer didn't create their profile in the first go, or maybe the email is just buried in their inbox and they are requesting the email again. In this case, you would want to resend the invitation link from MyCFP.

In the case that the employer says they never received the email, and doesn't see it in their spam/junk folders either, it may be that their network is blocking emails from our system. In this case, you can grab the link and copy it into an email that you can send directly to the employer from your own email address.

To do this, go to your Fair Dashboard > Meetings > Manage Meetings and Schedules and then select Recruiters. Type in the email address of the specific recruiter that you are looking for. You will be able to see if they have Joined or been Invited under the Status column. You will also notice that there will be "No Name" under the Recruiter Name - this is an indication that they have not joined.

Select the "no name" and then you will see a copy invite link button on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click Copy Invite Link and you will be able to copy the invite and send it from your email to the recruiter.

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