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Fair Organizers Setting Up Majors and Certification List
Fair Organizers Setting Up Majors and Certification List

This article explains how fair organizers set up majors and certification for their fairs

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Fair Organizers can send us a list of majors as part of setting up the Candidate Profile Field Options.

It's really important to do this upfront when setting up your fair, because if not, then:

  1. Employers can't use these fields as a prerequisite field until you do, and

  2. Candidates would write their majors or certifications in their profiles themselves (freeform), and potentially be locked out of booking on schedules that set major prerequisites later on due to potential nuances in naming

This can be very problematic once your fair opens up to candidates and employers, so it's really key to do this early on.

If your fair is the first one at your university/organization to send us a majors and certification list to upload under the Candidate Profile Field Options, you will see the view below. You can download the template to see how to set it up.

Majors and Certifications View:

Note: once we upload the majors and/or certification list, it applies to all fairs taking place under your university, even if they are organized by different departments/offices.

If a list has already been uploaded for another fair at your university, you will see this view, and you can download and view the current list for both.

If you want to add to an existing list, you must follow these steps:

  1. Click 'Download List Template' to download the excel file as an existing list

  2. Review the list to ensure you won't be adding duplicates or repeats

  3. Add your additional fields in the existing list

  4. DO NOT delete or modify any existing fields in the list and DO NOT start a list from scratch as this could affect other fairs at your university

  5. Send the updated list to us along with the name of your fair, so we can upload the revised list!

If you have any additional questions, click on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to chat with us, or email us at!

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