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Candidates: Booking Meetings on the Web

Candidates can use the web portal to view and research employers, and book their meetings for the fair!

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Follow these simple steps to ensure you're prepped for success at your upcoming fair!

  1. Visit and find the organization hosting your fair

  2. Click the fair you are attending

  3. Browse the list of employers

  4. Click on a schedule that interests you: Group or 1-on-1 (see below for more info)

  5. If it's a 1-on-1 Meeting, select the time you'd like to book a meeting for

  6. Log in or create an account to book the meeting!

Here's a quick video walk-through of the process!

Once you have created an account and booked your meetings, you can view them all on the app or web portal. If they are virtual meetings, you can also join them from there on the day of your fair!

Group Meetings vs 1-on-1 Meetings

Group Meetings

1-on-1 Meetings

Will see the below

Will see the below denoting how many timeslots are left in the schedule

No specific time slot to choose

Must choose the desired time slot

Can attend the meeting at any point within the meeting times

Must attend at your designated time

Possibility of other candidates being in the meeting or speaking with multiple recruiters

You will be the only candidate during this meeting

Designed to be a less formal meeting, like a drop-in or tabling event

Can be more formal given the private nature of the interaction

Always be sure to read each schedule description as each employer will provide further details on what each meeting may be for.

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