Career Fair Plus primarily facilitates interactions between candidates and employers through pre-booked individual Meetings that take place on employer schedules.

Drop-in rooms are an additional feature that the school/university can request from us.

What is a drop-in room?

A drop-in room allows candidates to speak to the employer representatives, without needing to book a meeting. Depending on the number of candidates in the room at one time, this may be a group interaction.

You will need to ensure there is a dedicated representative in the drop-in room throughout.

Here is a link to our demo drop-in room: (unlocked)

Feel free to test it out as an example!

Where can employers find their drop-in room link?

Please note, drop-in rooms are not tied to your employer schedules, so you will not be able to see or access the drop-in room link from your schedule page.

If your fair organizer is utilizing locked drop-in rooms, they will send you the link to access it. If you have not received it, please reach out to them.

If your fair organizer is utilizing unlocked drop-in rooms, you can access your room from your employer overview page on

What will it look like on the platform?

We associate the drop-in room with a specific employer, and an employer can thus only have one drop-in room.

The drop-in room link would be included on the employer details page for candidates, alongside directions letting them know that it's a drop-in room, and how they can join. See image above for the web view, and the image below for the mobile app view:

Can my company have schedules and a drop-in room?

Yes! An employer can have a drop-in room as well as schedules for individual recruiters. Any employer can only have one single drop-in room though, as the drop-in rooms are created at an employer level, while schedules are associated with individual recruiters.

Also, please note that an employer should ensure there is a dedicated representative present in the drop-in room throughout.

How many people can be in the drop-in room at one time?

The maximum number of participants in a drop-in room is 50 people.

Is it possible to track which candidates enter a drop-in room or collect data on attendees?

At this time, there is no way to track candidate data in drop-in rooms. Since these are open rooms that do not require scheduling meetings, candidate profile information is not collected.

If you would like to set up a drop-in room for your company, please contact your fair organizer!

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