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This article helps define push notification uses and how to implement them.

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About Push Notifications

Push notifications are used to help promote your fair, or any events leading up to your fair. As long as candidates have push notifications turned on in their device settings, the push notification will display on their mobile device even if they do not have the application open.

Any candidates that have browsed your fair will receive the notification.

Push notifications also have the added capability of placing in links for meetings along with a date and time.

Here are some examples of potential push notifications:

  • "Resume Workshop"

  • "Last Minute Fair Advice - Q&A Session"

  • "What to expect on Fair Day"

These notifications can be used for multiple reasons and can be very useful in helping you to promote your fair on the day, as well as in the lead-up to it.

Every fair is set up with a standard 10 push notification allowance. If you'll need more, just send us a message!

Creating a Push Notification

To set up a push notification, go to your Fair Dashboard, select the Push Notifications tab, and then 'New'.

Once the pop-up window opens, add your information:

You can also select whether you would like the push notification to remain visible in the app as an Announcement. This means users can go back to view the announcement, whereas Push Notifications disappear after being viewed.

To do this, check the Create Announcement box. For more help on Announcements, check out this article.

You can also schedule push notifications in advance, and choose to send them at a later time. If you happen to be in a different time zone for your fair, note that the Push Notification scheduling is tied to your current time zone and not the event's time zone. When you're ready, press Finish. Then press Save Changes in the top right of the fair's page.

For any additional questions, please reach out to us via the chatbox on the right, or email us at support@careerfairplus.com.

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