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Inactive Employers with Schedules

This article helps you find inactive employers who need schedules deleted

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A few days before the fair, you will want to make sure that you do not have any inactive employers with published schedules.

If an employer isn't active in your system but has one or more schedules, you will want to delete these schedules. This ensures that candidates who have booked appointments with those employers will be aware of a cancellation.

You can then use these templates to email candidates and employers confirming the cancellations.

Navigate to Meetings > Manage Meetings & Schedules > Employers. Click on 'Filter List' and select "Inactive Employer with Published Schedules".

Export the list of employers and then go to the Schedules tab and search for these employers. Delete any schedules for the inactive employers, by using the trash can icon located to the far right and then following the instructions in the pop up window.

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