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Career Fair Plus offers two schedule types for employers to use to facilitate interactions with candidates: 1-on-1 Meetings and Group Meetings.

An employer can have as many schedules as they like, however, each schedule needs a dedicated recruiter present to receive candidates, and once created, recruiters cannot delete schedules.

Recruiters can select the schedule type when creating the schedule, and they will all be visible and accessible under the Schedules list in the recruiter portal.

1-on-1 Meetings

With 1-on-1 Meetings, candidates must pre-book on the schedule before the booking window closes. They cannot book concurrent or consecutive 1-on-1 Meetings, and the system will ensure there is always a minimum 10-minute gap between their scheduled meetings.

At their appointed meeting time, they will be able to enjoy a 1-on-1 interaction with the recruiter.

Recruiters can select the schedule's start and end times as well as the duration of meeting slots. The CF Plus Video Rooms are limited to a maximum of four participants at any one time.

Group Meetings

Group Meeting schedules are intended as the virtual equivalent of a 'walk-up' at a physical fair, so the booking window does not apply. Candidates can book on these at any time after the booking window opens and bookings may still be made on Group Meeting schedules after the close of the booking window.

The CF Plus Video Rooms for Group Meetings can host a maximum of 200 participants at any one time. Candidates can join the Group Meeting at any time during the duration of the schedule, once they have booked onto the schedule. Depending on the number of candidates in the room at one time, this may be a group interaction.


Event hosts and recruiters will be able to view profile information of candidates that book onto either type of schedule.

Both schedule types offer public chat functionality, so participants are able to chat with each other. However, when a new entrant joins the video room, they are not able to see messages sent in the chat prior to their arrival.

Both are set up as locked rooms by default, which means candidates must knock to enter, and the host can choose to allow them in, reject them, or put them on hold.

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