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Recruiter Guide to Schedule Creation
Recruiter Guide to Schedule Creation

This article will walk you through schedule creation and answer common questions

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Schedule Creation

I'm new to this. Can you walk me through the 'My Schedules' page?

Here is a video explaining everything you see on your schedules page. For reference, you can find this page by navigating to

How do I create my schedule?

To create your schedule, click on the top drop-down menu and select 'Create A Schedule'.

From there, you will be prompted through a series of steps. Read these below or check out these quick video walkthroughs: Group Meeting or 1-on-1 Meeting

Schedule Creation Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Select yourself or a colleague as the Assigned Recruiter, or skip if you're unsure.

  2. Select the Schedule Type (1-on-1 vs Group Meeting). Click here to learn about the difference.

  3. Fill out the Schedule Details, including the Schedule Name, Description, Date, and Interaction Type (If you are using a 3rd party video service for the Interaction Type, please include the link under 'Additional Instructions').

  4. Next, customize your schedule's timings as well as your availability. By default, the schedule timings display in your timezone, but if you'd like to view them in context of the fair's timezone (if different to yours), you can select it on the right, as below.

    For 1-on-1 Meetings, you can choose the duration of your meetings (or stick to the default value), and block off or unblock time slots as desired. For Group Meetings, ensure you update the start and end times. Please note that once a candidate has booked a meeting on the schedule, the start time, end time, and time slot duration can no longer be modified.

  5. Setting Prerequisites is entirely optional and will prevent candidates that don't meet the qualifications from booking on the schedule.

  6. The final step is to review! Make sure everything is as you would like, then hit 'Publish' - all done!

Common Questions About Schedule Creation

How do I create a schedule for a teammate?

When creating a schedule, you can choose to assign it to someone else in the first step. Just add their email, or select their email from the list to assign it to someone else.

Creating a schedule for a new teammate will automatically trigger an invitation email to be sent to them, inviting them to create an account on the platform and access their own and their team's schedules.

Can I change the assigned recruiter?

Yes, and you are able to create a schedule and then assign it to someone later. To assign a schedule to a recruiter once the schedule has already been created, you can use the following procedure:

  • Click on the schedule you want to assign.

  • Then click the pencil icon next to the assigned recruiter and change the name to another team member.

  • please see the quick GIF below as a guide:

How many schedules should I create initially?

We recommend starting out with between 1 - 3 schedules. This may mean scaling down from the typical number of recruiters that would have attended an in-person fair, but it ensures that your recruiters’ time is used efficiently. Don’t worry - you can easily add more if need be once the initial recruiter schedules fill up!

How do I edit the details of a schedule?

From the Schedules page, click on the schedule you wish to edit. From here, you can change the Assigned Recruiter by clicking on the pencil icon. To edit any other details, click 'Schedule Options', and then click 'Edit Schedule Details'.

From there, you can edit the Schedule Name, the Description, the Interaction Type as well as any Additional Instructions.

How do I change the timings and duration of time slots on my schedule?

You can only modify the time-related variables of a schedule when there are no candidate meetings booked on the schedule.

From your Schedules page, click on 'View Meetings' on the schedule you wish to edit, then click Schedule Options, and then click Edit Time Slots. From there, you will be able to select the Schedule Start Time, End Time as well as Time Slot Duration, and then click Apply Changes for the new schedule to generate. Use the sliders on each row to block or unblock timeslots as you wish. Be sure to click Save when you are done (video).

How do I delete a schedule?

Please reach out to your event organizer who has the ability to delete schedules. We recommend adding the word "DELETE" to the front of the schedule name so they know which ones to delete.

Now What?

Now that you have set up your schedule(s), you may want to know what to expect on the day of the fair or what to do in the days leading up. You can see more information on this in our article on Meetings and Timeslots.

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