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Creating Career Fair Plus Meetings Marketing Materials in Canva
Creating Career Fair Plus Meetings Marketing Materials in Canva

We've created branded templates for you to use for free in Canva! Here's how you can get started quickly in creating your own.

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For generic materials, visit our Marketing Materials main page.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have the following available:

  • High Resolution Logo File (PNG & JPG)

  • HEX Color Codes for Primary Brand Colors

Customizing your Canva Template

If you already have a Canva Account, you can just start here! If not, scroll down to see instructions on how to create one!

1. Login to your Canva account.

2. Please make sure you have a high-resolution version of your organization’s logo in either .JPG or .PNG formats, as well as your brand’s primary or secondary color’s hex code available. Use your judgement to determine whether the graphic elements should be white or black, depending on the contrast you desire.
Please Note: Canva does not support vector or Adobe postscript graphic files, if your logo is currently .EPS, .PSD or .AI, you will need to export it as a high-res .JPG or .PNG, before you can continue.

3. Select the Appropriate Template for your desired project from the links provided below:

Templates For the US:


For Light Brand Colors

For Dark Brand Colors

Poster (18”x24”)

Letter (8.5”x11”)

Business Card (2.5”x3”)

Web Banner / Graphic (2:4)

Powerpoint Slide (1980x1080px, 16:9)

Templates For the UK:


For Light Brand Colors

For Dark Brand Colors

Poster (18”x24”)

Letter (8.5”x11”)

Business Card (2.5”x3”)

Web Banner / Graphic (2:4)

Powerpoint Slide (1980x1080px, 16:9)

4. Select “Use Template

5. Click the title “Copy of CF+ Meetings Poster Template” next to the share button, to give your project a name. Don’t worry, Canva saves everything to your profile automatically. If you make a mistake you cannot undo, don’t worry, you can always just select the link for the template above, and start over.

6. Click the box that says “Delete Me”, and with both the text and surrounding box selected, right click and select “Delete” or simply press the delete key. If for some reason only the text or box deletes, that’s ok. Just select the remaining one and delete that, too. You can also click and drag to select both. Remember roughly where this was, you’ll be replacing it with your logo very soon!

After you delete, it should look like this:

7. From the left hand panel, select the Uploads icon, and then click “Upload an Image or Video”.

8. Select “Device” and locate the logo file we mentioned earlier.

9. Your file will be uploaded to your Library, to add it to your design, click the desired file.

10. The file will appear in the center of the page, that won’t look quite right. Use the corners to reposition the logo to roughly the same place the “Delete Me” box used to be, it doesn’t have to match the old placement perfectly, use your judgment to fit your logo in that space, horizontally aligned with the colored dot to the left.



11. You’re almost done!

We just need to change the background color. For vertical templates, like this example (Poster & Letter) click the bottom inch or so of the background. For horizontal templates (Business Card, Banner, Powerpoint) click the leftmost inch or so of the background.

12. In the top left corner of the artboard, you will see a square that is the same color blue as the background. Click the colored square. Depending on the template it may be blue, green, orange or yellow.

13. Enter your brand’s HEX color code that best fits the template you chose in the space provided. (For this example, this brand’s color code that would work best with light colored text is #1B5FAA, if I had chosen the dark colored text, for this brand the appropriate color would be #E4E83B) The color will show as a chip, just below the search bar, click that color and your design is complete.

14. If you'd like to add text...

Simply use the text tool, you can event specific text such as Event Name and Date. Feel free to play around a bit!

15. Congrats, You’re done!

From here, you can share it with friends or colleagues, download in various formats, and print your project.

If you do not have a Canva Account:

  1. Navigate to from the browser of your choice.

2. Click the “Sign Up” button in the top, right corner.

3. Select a Sign up Method

4. Proceed to Sign up method and proceed to create your profile, following the instructions on the screen.

5. You will be asked what type of user you are with options like Teacher, Student, Non-profit, personal, etc. The option you choose here will not impact the instructions moving forward, so choose whichever option best applies to your situation.

6. Once you have completed these, you will be asked to begin your first project, this means you have finished the sign-up process. You can close this window now, or play around for practice if you’d like.

7. Navigate to your email client and follow the instructions to confirm your email address, then proceed to the next set of instructions to Customize your Canva Template.

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