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Recruiter Assessments on Candidates

This article guides employers/recruiters on how to leave notes on candidate interactions

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If you are a recruiter meeting with candidates throughout a fair, you may want to take notes on your interaction or leave a rating for how well they fit your employer's vacancy needs. You also have the option of marking them as a 'Next Step' candidate along your recruitment process. For a video walkthrough, please click here.

Viewing Candidate Details and Leaving a Rating

To leave a rating, take notes, or mark as a 'Next Step', you will first need to navigate from your Schedules Page, to the Candidate Details Page for the candidate you'd like to see more of. See below for steps on how to navigate there.
1. From your Schedules page, click on your schedule to view details of the schedule

2. On this page you will see a breakdown of your time slots (if viewing a 1-on-1 Meeting) or general candidate bookings (if viewing a Group Meeting)

3. Click on the candidate you'd like to view

4. You are now on the Candidate Details page!

From this page, you can view more of the candidate's profile information, view or download their resume, and leave ratings under the 'How'd it go?' section (see below):

You can also leave your notes in the box next to the resume! Do note the Notes section may be above the resume depending on your screen size.

You also have the option of marking a candidate as a 'No Show' here if they did not show up to the meeting. The No Show button will be available once the meeting time has passed.


How do I save these edits?

For the Ratings, 'Next Step', and No Show, these will all save automatically. When writing notes, be sure to hit the 'Save' button after writing. The button will show blue when changes need to be saved (see below).

Will these ratings and notes be available to candidates?

No, anything left in this section is private for you and your team's internal review. Fair organizers will be able to see No Shows for their tracking, but everything else is private and will not be shown to candidates.

How can I export these assessments?

When you are finished with your meetings, you may want to export your assessments for easier review access.

To do so, you would use the 'Download Meetings' button on your schedule details page to export information for all your meetings, including candidate profile information and your notes and assessments.

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