What is the Meeting Buffer?

The Meeting Buffer is the minimum period of time between candidates' booked 1-on-1 meetings.

Previously, this defaulted to 10 minutes across all fairs, so the Meeting Buffer would in effect prevent a candidate from booking back-to-back meetings.

For example, if a candidate booked a meeting from 10:00-10:10am, the earliest they could book their next meeting would have been at 10:20am. This was to prevent domino-effect delays on an entire day's meetings, but it may also have limited the number of meetings a candidate could book.

The Meeting Buffer can now easily be modified or disabled on a per fair basis.

*Note: The default setting is still 10 minutes.

How do I change or disable the Meeting Buffer?

To change or disable the Meeting Buffer as an Event Host or Organizer, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Fair Dashboard, click on the Meetings tab, and then on "Manage Meetings & Schedules"

  2. On the next page, navigate to the final tab titled "Meeting Configuration Options"

  3. Here, you will see a checkbox titled "Enable Buffer Between Candidate 1-on-1 Meetings". This will be enabled and set to 10 minutes by default.

  4. To disable the buffer (and enable back-to-back meetings), uncheck the box

  5. To change the buffer time, leave the box checked and click on the line below to type in a new buffer time (the input is in minutes)

  6. You will see a saving animation to indicate your new time is set

If you happen to leave the line blank, it will default back to 10 minutes.

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