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Employer Import Instructions
Employer Import Instructions

This article is for Self-Service customers importing employer data into their fairs

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Use these steps as a guide to complete your own imports.

Start by logging into and clicking on the event you would like to import data into.

First Import

Click the Employers tab on your fair dashboard and click ‘Import Company List’ to upload data.

Click ‘Import Data’, and select your input source from the dropdown.

  • If you're using an Excel spreadsheet, select Upload File and choose your data file

  • If you have set up your DirectConnect integration, you can choose DirectConnect

Column Mapping

In the 'Unmapped Columns' that appear, you will see all the column headers from your source data.

For each column in your source data, you must either map it to a field or ignore it in the import.

If you do not want any particular column to come through to your employer profile pages and be candidate-visible, choose IGNORE from the left of the page.

For all other columns, map each one with a field from the drop-down list on the left.

Some columns must be mapped to our designated fields, to ensure correct setup:

  • name → use this for the name of the employer/company

  • description → an overview or description of each company/employer

  • website → map this to the employer website column

  • recruiter_email_address → map this to the email address to receive the initial invitation to the platform (required if using Meetings)

Note: the recruiter_email_address field will not be published on the employer profile page so will not be visible to candidates.

Other standard fields are also available:

  • majors → for majors (USA) or disciplines (UK)

  • position_types → position types (USA) or opportunity types (UK) that the employer is hiring for, e.g. full-time, part-time, internship, etc

  • industries → can be used for the industry/ies or field/s within which the company operates

  • jobs → job roles available or position titles the company is hiring for

You can also use custom fields for any other fields you want to add.

Simply map your column to a field from field 1 - 10, and enter the Display Name.

If you mapped a column to a field incorrectly, you can click the undo arrow on the far left of the row, under the 'Reset Mapping' column.

If you would like to bring back a column you 'Ignored', scroll to the Ignored Columns section near the bottom of the page, and choose to 'Un-Ignore' it to bring it back up to Unmapped Columns at the top of the page.

Choosing Filterable Fields

To make any of the columns from your dataset appear as filterable fields for candidates at your fair to easily filter the employer list, check the box for that field under the 'Filterable' column.

You will also need to add a title for the filter to the right of the checkbox.

Once you've mapped all your columns, and set your filters, click the blue 'Continue' box on the right.

Search & Replace

You can skip over this step, just click 'Continue'.

Company Matching

In your first import, you should only be seeing employers in the blue box in the middle, showing you how many will be added with this import.

You simply need to confirm the number of imported employers, and do a quick scan to check your employer names are spelled correctly.

Click 'Continue' to 'Filter Processing'.

Filter Processing

This page will ask you to review all the filter values that are coming through from your source data, based on the columns that you chose to appear as filters in your fair.

Scan through each value to check for typos, or duplicates. If corrections are needed, best practice is to correct them in your source data, and then re-run the import. However, for a handful of small errors, you can also correct them within the system by clicking the arrow icons by the value field to enter a ‘Search and Replace’ term.

Leave the Search Term as is, and enter what it should be replaced with in the line beneath it. Then, click 'Finish & Apply'.

This will apply to all instances of that search term within the selected field, even through subsequent imports.

Click ‘Continue’ to Booth Matching.

Booth Matching

If this is a virtual fair, you can hit 'Continue' on this page, since booth numbers don't apply!

For an in-person event, it's likely you won't have booth numbers assigned as early as your first import. In that case, you can also click 'Continue'.

If you do already have booth numbers assigned, they should show up in the first blue box, and the only action required from you would be to do a quick scan for accuracy.

If you see employers in the yellow box, you should double check your employer booth assignments and/or the setup of your booths, IF you have already uploaded a floor-plan for your event, AND if you have set up the booths on it.

Recruiter Invites

You will see this tab if you have Meetings enabled for your event, whether for a virtual fair or an in-person fair.

If you are using Meetings, but don't see this tab, go back and double check you have enabled Meetings for your event.

Check the email addresses for typos and for correct company matches, and click ‘Finish Import and Save’.

This step will send emails to those recruiter email addresses, inviting them to set up their Career Fair Plus accounts and create schedules for the event.

Fair Live

For candidates to be able to see the fair, you will need to publish it. To do so, move the slider on the top right of the fair dashboard from ‘Not Visible’ to ‘Visible’.

Your fair is now published and visible in our platform.

If you’d like to check on it, click on the Smart Link from your fair dashboard to view it from the candidate perspective

Note: if you invited recruiters as part of your import, they will only be able to see the fair in their account if your fair has been made ‘Visible’.

We also recommend making your fair(s) from the previous season ‘Not Visible’ once you launch your upcoming season’s fair(s).

Subsequent Import

  1. From the Employers tab, click ‘Import Company List’, then ‘Import Data’ and select your source.

  2. Map any new Unmapped Columns, or remap field renames by un-mapping existing fields

  3. Hit ‘Continue’ and check for accuracy at each stage. If you are happy, finish your subsequent import.

As always, for any questions, please reach out to!

Manual Employer Entries

You can add employers manually to your event, without using Direct Connect or an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. From the Employers tab, click ‘+New' and fill in the relevant fields.

  2. When entering employers manually, you must go to the "Fields" tab and make 'visible' any fields that you would like to be visible on the employers' profile. See screenshot below.

  3. Don't forget to hit 'Save Changes' in the top right once you're done!

Recruiter Training

If you are using Meetings, please don’t forget to share links to our recruiter resources with your recruiters.

  1. We recommend the biweekly live, interactive training webinars:

  2. But we also have a training deck that they can reference or guide themselves through

  3. All other resources can be found in our Recruiter Help Center

  4. Finally, they can always reach us at for any questions!

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