What is a Resume Drop?

Resume Drops act as a way for candidates to submit their resumes to a company during an event on the Career Fair Plus platform.

Resume Drops can be used for both In-person and Virtual events. In virtual events, Resume Drops serve as a way for candidates to leave their resumes for employers that may already be fully booked or for those employers that want to increase their traffic. In-person events are typically structured with queues. Recruiters can have attendees "drop" their resume while in line to have instant access to their information and for later review.

How can I create a Resume Drop?

If you are an event host interested in using Resume Drop for your event, please reach out to us at support@careerfairplus.com and we'll be happy to help you get started.

What happens after they are created?

Once the resume drops are created, candidates can start booking "spots" on them to submit or share their information. Recruiters will be able to access the candidates' profile information, including resumes. Feel free to share this article with recruiters for more information on managing a schedule or view this article for information on managing schedules as an event host.

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