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Hybrid Fair

Read through this helpful piece on hybrid events and access the appropriate training for yours!

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What is a Hybrid Career Fair?

Hybrid career fairs merge the benefits of virtual and socially distanced in-person events into one safe, personal, and cost-effective recruiting experience.

CF+ is a robust platform that can offer a wider variety of recruiting event options for your employers and job seekers, besides traditional career fairs.

Where can I get training for my hybrid event?

Visit our CF+ Success Center: Event Hosts for training modules on the virtual component of a hybrid event. You'll need to know if your on-site event includes the CF+ pre-scheduling feature called Meetings to choose training for In-Person (with Meetings) or In-Person (without Meetings).

Read the Q&A below to help determine your hybrid recruiting strategy!

What type of hybrid events does CF+ support?

  • Different Days where participants choose to attend the virtual day, the in-person day, or both.

  • Same Day-Different Times where the virtual and in-person events occur on the same day but do not overlap. Participants choose to attend virtual, in-person, or both.

  • Same Day-Same Time where participants choose to attend the one day event virtually or in-person only.

How do I know when to host which type of hybrid event?

Do you have the planning and support staff to offer two different events on two different days?

If yes, then choosing Different Days maximizes your opportunity to meet varying institutional and municipal guidelines by hosting in-person and virtual events on separate days.
If not, consider offering both on-site and online events on the Same Day.

Pro tip: you can offer your two components of your hybrid event a week apart; they don't have to be on consecutive days.

If you want to host your in-person and virtual components on the same day, do you have sufficient staff and facilities to present both at the same time?

If yes, choose Same Day, Same Time, and CF+ will support the setup, registration, and day-of activities for both formats simultaneously.

Pro tip: Consider offering a quiet space where in-person attendees can join their virtual meetings.

If not, choose Same Day, Different Time, and we’ll help produce your on-site and online recruiting events separately, typically one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Pro tip: Schedule enough rest and snack time between events to regroup and refuel!

Why should I host a hybrid recruiting event?

Hybrid recruiting increases participation by accommodating varying employer and participant preferences.

  • Quickly adjust to fluctuating public health guidelines

  • Enhance connections by enabling employers and candidates to engage in their preferred in-person or virtual format

  • Accelerate time to hire

  • Eliminate event day scheduling surprises

  • Expand the talent pool with higher participation levels

  • Showcase employer branding twice: on-site and in virtual profiles

For any questions or a personal consultation on your hybrid event format, please contact us at!

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