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Recruiter Tips: Nine ways to Promote Your Schedule(s)
Recruiter Tips: Nine ways to Promote Your Schedule(s)

Promote your schedule(s) to potential candidates with these proven, CF+ customer recommendations!

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Are you having trouble gaining traction on your schedule(s)? Hoping to meet more candidates at the recruiting event than just the few who’ve booked meetings so far? Check out these tips from CF+ customers to better promote your schedule(s).

  1. Ask your connections at clubs, organizations, or companies that interact with your target candidates to please tell their members and customers you’re recruiting at the upcoming event. Possible contacts are popular restaurants, stores, and volunteer organizations that attract your target candidates.

  2. Remind candidates you engaged with previously to find the upcoming event in their Career Fair Plus mobile app or on the web, select your company, then book a meeting on your schedule. (They can download the CF+ mobile app for iOS and Android.)

  3. Remove prerequisites from your schedule to reduce restrictions and expand the number of candidates eligible to schedule meetings with you.

  4. Consider offering a group schedule. Some candidates feel more comfortable interacting in groups than one-on-one.

  5. Make sure your schedule name is clear and describes your purpose at the event. For example, “Summer Marketing Interns” or “Social Media Managers.” Use friendly, catchy, or engaging words to attract and encourage bookings.

  6. Tag the host organization on Instagram and Twitter with relevant hashtags, so candidates following those hashtags know you are recruiting at the event. Remind them to download the Career Fair Plus app from the App Store or Google Play.

  7. Tag the host organization on LinkedIn so they can re-share your post about recruiting at their upcoming event.

  8. Ask event hosts to blast your company information on their candidate listserv(s).

  9. Offer incentives for scheduling with you (pending local laws). Consider giveaways, raffles, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, free resume reviews, or even a meeting with the CEO! Be creative and add the incentive to the title of your CF+ schedule and your social media posts.

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