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Best Practices for In-Person Events
Best Practices for In-Person Events

Read on for guidance and FAQs on hosting in-person events with CF+

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You're hosting an in-person event on Career Fair Plus, and have some questions?

Let's jump right in.

Length and Time

  • The majority of in-person events we see span from 3 hours to 7 hours. Think about the availability of your candidates as well as employers when determining event length and time - are your attending candidates students who may be in classes long classes? Experienced professionals who may be at work during the daytime?

  • Consider a multi-day event if you're expecting lots of employers to allow candidates enough time and opportunity to meet with employers of interest

Using CF+ Meetings?

If you're using the CF+ pre-scheduled Meetings feature at your in-person event, read on.

Q: Can an employer also have a walk-up or standby line?
A: Yes! In fact, we encourage employers to have at least one recruiter dedicated to candidates that walk up without a pre-scheduled Meeting.

Q: How many recruiters or representatives does an employer need to bring?
A: At least two. We recommend 1 recruiter per schedule plus one additional recruiter to service the walk-up candidates.

Q: Will employers need to bring their own devices?
A: Yes. We recommend recruiters bring an iPad or Android tablet so they have a larger screen to review schedules and candidate resumes. However, downloading the CF+ app on to mobile devices will work as well!

Q: Should employers have signage at their booth?

A: We highly recommend using signage to improve the candidate and recruiter experience. You can find templates for signs, badges, name tags and more on our Marketing Materials page.

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