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Candidates: In-person Events
Candidates: In-person Events

Our candidate cheat sheet - everything you need to know for your in-person event!

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Follow these steps if you're attending an in-person event:

  1. Download the Career Fair Plus mobile app or visit

  2. Find your organization/school and navigate to your fair

  3. Browse and filter the employer list

  4. Favorite your employers of interest

  5. Use the interactive floor plan (available only in the mobile app) to navigate on the day of the event

  6. Below are some optional interactions your fair may offer:

    1. Resume Drop (Express interest in employers pre-event)

    2. Meetings (Pre-book meetings and skip the line at the event)

    3. Booth Check-in (Digitally share your profile with employers you visit)

Check out our blog article with tips on attending in-person events.

Optional Interactions

You will need to create a Career Fair Plus account to use these.

Resume Drop

What is it?

Resume Drop lets you express interest in employers by digitally sharing your profile and resume. You can use Resume Drop before, during, or even after the event, and recruiters may choose to engage with you pre-event.

How do I use it?

If your event supports Resume Drop, you'll see the Resume Drop button on each employer's profile. Simply click it to share your resume, and you're done.

Watch a speedy overview video on Resume Drop!

Book Meetings

What is it?

Meetings let you book a specific time slot to meet with a recruiter at the company booth you want to visit. Some employers may not be offering Meetings at in-person events. If they are, you could potentially skip the line at their booth!

Note: The system will not allow you to double-book yourself

How do I use it?

If your event offers Meetings, you'll see employer schedules directly on the employer profile. On the mobile app, you'll see a View Meetings button instead, which you can click to see the schedules. Once you find a schedule, you can book an available meeting time.

Need a short video on how to book meetings? Click here!

Booth Check-in

What is it?

With Check-in, you can be sure that employers know you visited their in-person booth and have your Career Fair Plus profile saved in their portal.

How do I use it?

If Booth Check-in is in place at your event, your event host will instruct you to scan the employer-specific QR code displayed at the employer booth. If so, look out for the codes, use your phone camera to scan them when you visit the booth, and you're checked in!

We've got a quick video on Booth Check-in for you!

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