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What is Resume Drop and why should I use it?
What is Resume Drop and why should I use it?

What is Resume Drop, how does it work, and why should you use it?

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What is Resume Drop?

Resume Drop is a quick and easy way for candidates to express interest in an employer by sharing their resume with them.

Recruiters can access the resumes of all candidates that do so, and engage with candidates pre-event.

Candidates can use Resume Drop anytime before or during an in-person or virtual event.

How does it work?

  1. Candidates click the 'Resume Drop' button on the employer booth page

  2. Candidate's resume/profile is automatically shared with the employer

  3. Recruiters log in to view candidate profiles and download resume(s) anytime!

Benefits of Resume Drop

Resume Drop encourages pre-event participation by candidates, offers employers a wider talent pool, and provides you with deeper analytics on employer interest.

Everyone can win with Resume Drop. See how it benefits all event stakeholders!

Event Hosts



  1. Facilitate more connections between candidates and employers

  2. Encourage pre-event as well as all-round higher participation at your event

  3. Better tracking of interest levels for employers

  1. Engage more candidates, beyond a limited number of meeting slots

  2. Communicate with candidates before and after the event

  3. Generate resume books of all interested candidates

  1. Engage with more employers overall

  2. Connect with employers that they may otherwise not be able to visit

  3. Get a head-start with pre-event contact

  4. Build one profile and share it consistently with as many employers as they wish without worrying about running out of resumes

Is Resume Drop for me?

If you're wondering whether Resume Drop is a good match for your event, here are some examples of when Event Hosts have used and benefitted from Resume Drop.

  • Proactive candidate wants to engage with employers before the day of the event?

  • Employers want to see a wider pool of candidates than those they have meetings scheduled with?

  • Student has a class conflict at the same time as the event and cannot meet with their employers of interest?

  • Candidate wants to meet with an employer at your in-person event, but sees the line is too long?

  • Candidate was unable to get a meeting time with an employer attending virtually?

Resume Drop is a perfect solution for all of these potential scenarios!

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