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Resume Drop: Setup and Configuration
Resume Drop: Setup and Configuration

Let us show you how to set up Resume Drop for your next event!

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This article will cover:

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Enabling Resume Drop

You can enable Resume Drop in two ways:

1. In the Fair Questionnaire

When you receive the email prompting you to fill out a new Fair Questionnaire, you can enable Resume Drop.

You can also find the Fair Questionnaire by clicking Edit Fair Info from your fair dashboard or directly in your event homepage (below).

Under "Configuration Options", click the drop-down under Resume Drop, and choose "Enable Resume Drop":

Don't forget to scroll all the way down and hit "SAVE"!

2. Using the tab on your fair

You can always edit your Fair Questionnaire by clicking "Edit Fair Info" at the top right of your fair's screen, but you can also enable Resume Drop via the Resume Drop tab right from your fair screen.

Navigate to the "Resume Drop" tab, then switch the toggle to "Enabled":

Don't forget to hit "Save Changes" in the top right corner! It will turn red when you have any unsaved changes.

Resume Drop Configuration Options

You will need to include email addresses in your import for a recruiter/single point of contact so they can be invited to utilize Resume Drop. Once enabled, our system sends emails to recruiters to prompt them to set up an account.

The Resume Drop tab offers options for you to customize the messaging in that email, and lets you edit the default verbiage for how the feature appears to recruiters and candidates at your event.

  1. Name of Area (as it appears to Recruiters)

    1. Recruiters are used to seeing schedules when they sign in to their account on the platform. This title will help establish that the section they're looking at is for Resume Drops.

  2. Message to recruiter in invitation email

    1. When recruiters are invited to the event in our system, they receive an email prompting them to create an account or log on. The email will include an explanatory/introductory line explaining Resume Drop and why they should move forward.

  3. Name of Action (as it appears to Candidates)

    1. This is the button candidates will click to "drop" their resume.

  4. Message for a successful resume drop

    1. This acts as a confirmation message that candidates receive once they have clicked the button (from option 3) to drop their resume.

If you would like to edit any of the default text, simply replace the text with your desired message. Be sure to hit "SAVE CHANGES" in the top right of the event page once you've finished!

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