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What is Booth Check-in and why should I use it?
What is Booth Check-in and why should I use it?
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Employer Booth Check-In allows hosts to collect data about organic candidate-employer interactions at their in-person events.

We use unique QR codes and an easy process to make this happen.

Let us break down how it works:

  • Pre-event: Download a pack of QR codes from MyCFP (1 for each employer booth at your event)

  • Day-of event: Drop off the QR codes at the corresponding employer booths (each QR code will have the employer name and booth number printed on it)

  • During event: Candidates scan the QR code using their mobile device to ‘check in’ when speaking with a recruiter at the booth. This logs an interaction in our system and automatically shares the candidate's profile with the employer

  • Post-event: Employers can access profiles of all the candidates that checked in at their booth, and you can access this information across all booths

What should I do if an employer cancels?

If an employer cancels last-minute, keeping their Booth Check-in QR code on display can help candidates feel that they can still connect with the employer, despite their absence. After the event, recruiters can download the report of candidates that checked in.

Event Hosts are set to benefit from Booth Check-in, but it also makes it easy for recruiters to see the list of candidates they met with during the event!

Event Hosts



  1. Provides detailed insights and data typical of virtual events at your in-person events

  2. Collect real data on candidate-employer interactions to report back to stakeholders

  3. Booth Check-in insights allow for more personalized post-event candidate advisory meetings

  1. Accessible - view check-ins on mobile device, tablet, or computer!

  2. Provides a downloadable list of candidates they met and spoke with during event

  3. Paper-less transposition of candidate data to ATS

  1. Candidates can rest easy knowing that they have checked in at a booth, and that recruiters have their profile

  2. Digital profile sharing allows candidates to maintain a consistent image across multiple employers with little effort

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