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Event Check-in: Setup and Configuration
Event Check-in: Setup and Configuration
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Enabling Event Check-in

You can enable Event Check-in in two ways:

1. In the Fair Questionnaire

When you receive the email prompting you to fill out a new Fair Questionnaire, you can enable Event Check-in.

You can also find the Fair Questionnaire by clicking Edit Fair Info from your fair dashboard or directly in your event homepage (below).

Under "Configuration Options", click the drop-down under Event Check-in, and choose "Enable Event Check-In":

Don't forget to scroll all the way down and hit "SAVE"!

2. Using the tab on your fair

You can always edit your Fair Questionnaire by clicking "Edit Fair Info" at the top right of your fair's screen, but you can also enable Event Check-in via the Event Check-in tab right from your fair screen.

Navigate to the "Event Check-in" tab, then switch the toggle to "Enabled":

Don't forget to hit "Save Changes" in the top right corner! It will turn red when you have any unsaved changes.

Event Check-in Configuration Options

Once Event Check-in is enabled, you can customize how it appears to recruiters and candidates. You can change our default options to match any verbiage you are using at your event.

  1. Name of Area

    1. This is what the feature is called for all users, mainly candidates as they use the feature, and event hosts.

  2. Message after a successful Event Check-in

    1. This is the text candidates will see after they've scanned the QR code and checked in at the event.

  3. Instructions on bottom of QR code

    1. These are the instructions for the candidate printed at the bottom of each event check-in QR code. They will see this as they scan.

If you would like to edit any of the default text, simply replace the text with your desired message. Be sure to hit "SAVE CHANGES" in the top right of the event page once you've finished!

Generating the QR codes

When you are ready to print your QR codes, go to the Event Check-in tab once more, and click the button that says "Download QR codes".

A .pdf file containing QR codes for Event Check-in (as well as Booth Check-in if you are using it) will be downloaded to your computer.

Print the file, and then display multiple QR codes at/around the entrance to your event for day-of scanning!

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