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Booth Check-in: Setup and Configuration
Booth Check-in: Setup and Configuration

Here are your easy step-by-step directions to set up Booth Check-in!

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This article (or video if you prefer) explains:

  1. How to enable Booth Check-in

  2. How to configure Booth Check-in to fit your event

  3. How to generate the QR codes

How to enable Booth Check-in

  1. Log in to MyCFP and Click Edit Fair Info from your fair dashboard or directly in the event homepage

  2. Under "Configuration Options", click the Booth Check-In drop-down menu and choose "Enable Booth Check-In"

  3. Don't forget to scroll down and hit "SAVE"!

You can also click the Booth Check-in tab on your event page, switch the toggle to "Enabled", then click SAVE CHANGES in the top right corner!

(Pro tip: If the SAVE CHANGES button is red, you have unsaved changes on the page.)

How to configure Booth Check-in to fit your event

You will need to include email addresses in your import for a recruiter/single point of contact so they can be invited to access Booth Check-in data. Once enabled, our system sends emails to recruiters to prompt them to set up an account.

The Booth Check-in tab offers options for you to customize the messaging in that email, and lets you edit the default verbiage for how the feature appears to recruiters and candidates at your event.

  1. Name of Area

    1. You can rename “Booth Check-in” specifically for your event. Candidates and recruiters will see this new feature name instead of Booth Check-in when they’re using the CF+ mobile or web app.

  2. Message to recruiter in invitation email

    1. You can customize the snippet of information sent to recruiters introducing what Booth Check-in is and what they can do with it. The snippet is preceded with “... you will be able to:”

  3. Message after a successful Booth Check-in

    1. This is the text candidates will see after they've successfully used the feature and checked in at the booth.

  4. Instructions on bottom of QR code

    1. You can stick with our default directions or give the recruiters alternative tips for positioning and using the Booth Check-in QR code(s) at their tables.

If you edit any of the default text, simply replace the text with your desired message, and make sure you click "SAVE CHANGES" in the top right of the event page!

How to generate the Booth Check-in QR codes

We suggest downloading your QR codes AFTER you finalize your employer booth assignments.

  1. Click "Download QR codes" from the Booth Check-in tab.

  2. The .pdf will also include Event Check-in QR codes if you enabled Event Check-in.

  3. Print the file, and distribute the QR codes to employers on the day to display.

Have a great event! We're at if you need us.

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