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Booth Check-in Best Practices
Booth Check-in Best Practices
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Wondering how to make sure you get the most benefit from Booth Check-in? Keep reading!

When do I print the QR codes?

  • We recommend waiting until your employer list and booth assignments are finalized before you print the QR codes

How do I display the booth QR codes?

  • We recommend displaying QR codes vertically in a clear plastic stand on the table, or in front of the booth

How can I make sure candidates check in at booths?

  • Remind candidates as they enter your event to check in when they arrive at an employer booth

  • Consider having student ambassadors at your event who can walk around educating recruiters before and during the event

  • Tell your recruiters that they should remind candidates to check in so they can have a complete and accurate list

What event type(s) is Booth Check-in ideal for?

  • Booth Check-in is for in-person events ONLY

What else do I need besides the QR codes and materials to display them?

  • Please note you do need good wi-fi to support check-in, especially for larger events with many attendees!

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