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What is Event Check-in and why should I use it?
What is Event Check-in and why should I use it?

Allow us to introduce you to Event Check-in for your in-person events

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What is Event Check-in?

Event Check-in allows Event Hosts to collect data about candidate attendance for each day of an in-person event.

Candidates scan a QR code upon entry to the event, and Event Hosts can immediately see all candidate check-ins.

What's so great about it?

Remember how you loved being able to see total candidate numbers at your virtual events?

Event Check-in lets you gather the same data for your in-person events, and gives you full visibility into attendee numbers, demographics, as well as popular times.

You can easily download a complete report of attendees and their arrival times if you want to conduct further analysis.

Since candidates have to have a Career Fair Plus account to use Event Check-in, this feature helps to serve as a trigger for your candidates to create accounts before the event. You may see higher levels of pre-event engagement because of this!

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